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Who Is This Bay Area Brit?

The Bay Area Brit is Matty Stone. Originally from London, England, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am here to embrace my stereotype for your comic relief.


British writer and award-winning cartoonist Matty Stone a.k.a “The Bay Area Brit” has now added the title “Humo(u)rist” to his resume. As The Bay Area Brit, he has performed readings of his short, funny essays at events all over the S.F. Bay Area including the renowned LitQuake literary festival.

In the 90′s, Stone drew comics for San Francisco’s “The American Music Press” and created cartoons for The Improv Comedy Club.

His single-panel comic strip “Stone’s Throw” was syndicated by The New Breed, a division of King Features.

In the 2000′s he wrote and illustrated “365 Dead,” a calendar which made light of the ultimate expiration.

His first novel: “The Americanization of Poe Ogdred” was represented by Tricia Davey while she was at the prestigious Sanford J.Greenburger Literary Agency.

HE has recently started animating and a collection of his animations can be found at a couple of different Youtube sites.

The Grand Lake

Matty Stone Cartoons

5 Responses

  1. I haven’t read The Bay Area Brit before but I’m really enjoying it a lot; much more witty than Melvin Durai’s column in my opinion.


  2. Hello. I have been directed to you by the spin-master at Twirl Radio, and have not been disappointed. I can only hope, that with diligent practice, I will become as witty as you. Don’t worry, I pose no threat and come in peace. I hope you’ve been taking care of my beloved San Francisco, while I’ve been absent… I try to look after London, but she can at times be willful. Especially with that Boris in charge. With your kind permission, I may direct my three readers to your You Eat What??? food photos, when I write about British Cuisine in a short time. Cheers!

  3. Just checking in!

  4. Matt, Haven’t seen you lately at work. I think you really have something going on here!!

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