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Inappropriate Behavio(u)r

     There’s a scene in the film The Terminator when the human-looking robot played by the former Governor of California is asked an inappropriate question. From his point of view, there is a computerized choice of options on how to respond. This is it:


       I don’t think I’m special when I say that I do this also. Years of working in the service industry condition one to respond politely and appropriately, even if the question or demand made is inappropriate.

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12 Responses

  1. Laughing out loud. Thank you so much

  2. Well done! I wonder what kind of confused look he would have given you if you said you were going #6?

  3. the whole “wish I’d said this…” thing even has a name, L’esprit de l’escalier. Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on it.


    • Ooh, that’s cool. I never knew that. “L’esprit de l’escalier.” Got to love the French.

      I’m sure much later I will think of a witty response regarding this information. 🙂

  4. Yes, yes! No number 2 for Brits in public toilets! You should have splashed around a bit and then bolted as soon as you opened the door! Just sayin…

  5. My honest to god first reaction: MAN. All the good stuff happens to him!

    So jealous of this ludicrous experience, so very pleased you shared it with us. And that’s the highest compliment I can give: seething envy.

    Well done, well delivered, well lived.

  6. Ive only learned one thing about rude people, and its that rude people are incapable of learning anything from anyone else. This Cult of Self, that has infected the psyche, that has raised a false sense of self esteem to such nauseating levels, that they’ve completely deleted from their personality any sense common decency or common sense, for that matter. I dont think Ive become complacent or compliant with their behavior or demands, but I have concluded that planting any seed or teaching them any lessons in manners is a lost cause. Being the devils advocate for a moment, I think emotionally, rudeness provides a sanctuary from society, and definitely a sanctuary from their own true nature, which is that they are essentially good people. But being a good person, for whatever reason, is much too horrifying for them to handle. The practical application, as much as I hate to admit, is that more times than not, rudeness will get you what you want. Its all very depressing for me at times, but thats my weakspot, because no matter how well prepared I think I am for the “unkind”, my heart is always looking for peoples hearts to come out. I am a sucker and a fool.
    Matty, maybe your Brit sensibilities prohibits it, but perhaps take this Yank’s advice….find that #2 within you! The bastard behind you that demanded your bathroom status, had no business demanding such an answer, and you were right avoiding a confrontation. Still, without being detailed or outright gross, you could have left him a “message” in, on, or all over that toilet. I know…disgusting & vile, but its the only language the rude understand.

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