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The Gospel According To BART

For those not familiar with BART, it is the train system that links San Francisco to Oakland and to other more forgettable places in the Bay Area. This is what it’s like:

Whatever you do with your graffiti, don’t smoke, drink, or eat it while on BART

Also known as Commandment #6 as told in “The Gospel According To BART.”

However, federal law does NOT require that the seats actually be clean enough to sit on.

“Hey, hippy, why does no one want to sit anywhere near you? Are you the reason that the seats on BART are dirty?”

Sometimes while I’m on BART I play, “Hey, Pal, Are You Dead Or Just Sleeping?”

BART isn’t just for homeless people trying to stay out of the rain. Celebrity impersonator sightings are frequent. Depending on which side of the train this John Goodman wannabe sits, there’s a good chance that the train will be leaning to that side.

Clearly this couple thought that they were on The Orient Express. I love this guy’s cane.

This from the BART website: We are asking you to help keep BART safe for everyone by reporting unattended packages or suspicious behavior. What do we mean by suspicious behavior? Here are some examples: 1) Acting nervous, sweating inappropriately. 2) Taking pictures or videotaping in areas of no interest to the general public. 3) Attempting to get into an area that is off limits. 4) Leaving a package, backpack or briefcase and hurrying away from the area………………..The Bay Area Brit: guilty as charged…………Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to eat and drink and maybe smoke some graffiti.


7 Responses

  1. Love the pictures. And did you see this NYT article yet (“On BART Trains, the Seats Are Taken (by Bacteria)”)? Made me grateful for MUNI for once with the hard plastic seats.


    • I did see that article, and as you can probably guess I am on BART frequently. The pics on my blog showcased how dirty those seats are, but that NYT article proved how legitimately scary they are.

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory track, but – eeew. The Bay Area is in Good Company, however: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7667499.stm

  3. The BART map almost resembles a swastika…
    Also, when exactly is graffiti permitted? If you can find me a location in this world where that exists, show me so I can finally put my tag on something legit.

  4. I wanna know where its legal to smoke graffiti. I mean, do we really need NO GRAFFITI signs? As if the taggers are looking for places where it is okay to tag? “Hey, Loc Dawg, this wall says its okay to spray our cripps tag. Siiiiick, yo.”
    This might as well be an open invitation. There are several signs on a local elem. school near my house that say GRAFFITI IS A CRIME YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. That shit is fierce.

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