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You Eat What???



It’s hard to defend being British sometimes.

An orgy of Bangers ‘n’ Mash. I mean look at this for God’s sake. If it didn’t already look like it was being made love to by an army of Gurkhas wouldn’t you be all over that?

It’s a sausage in pastry. It’s the perfect accompaniment to warm beer. It’s packaged like a chocolate candy bar because it’s never too soon to get the kids on to the Sausage Rolls.

Black Pudding…made with blood. Delicious, right? And the best part is, it’s not even a pudding.

Aunt Bessie knows what’s up. A little toad… and it’s in a hole. It’s irresistible…and just the way I like it… Oh, Aunt Bessie, you salacious tart, are you hitting on me?

Figgy Pudding: It’s what’s for Christmas. There is enough alcohol in this little bomb of fun to entice a rhino to make lewd suggestions to your grandmother. Can also be used as a weapon by dropping on your opponent from a short-to-medium height.

“Artificially Colored,” Mushy Peas…because peas aren’t quite green enough.

Penicillin Sauce comes in a separate can with prescription.

20 Responses

  1. You forgot “kippers for breakfast” made famous by that awful awful band supertramp.

  2. grosssssssss!

  3. hahaha! The bangers and mash are oh so right for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Yummy! This is why I ate almost nothing but Indian food and Cadbury chocolates when I studied in Scotland back in 1991. Oh, and beer.

  5. I can’t say I’ve tried all of these fine food products, but there is SOMETHING about those damn peas, so delish! A little green food coloring doesn’t hurt…
    Check out Superdawg a Chicago landmark, their pickle relish also a lovely shade of chemical neon green…

  6. What about a picture of jellied eels in green sauce?

  7. On the bright side, as a potato chip lover, the Brits are kings. The crisps aisle at a British supermarket is equivalent to the breakfast cereal aisle here in America.

  8. […] are photos of some of the more dubious British dishes on the Bay Area Brit’s blog: https://thebayareabrit.com/2011/02/21/you-eat-what/ I’m proud to say that I have not eaten any of them.  Except maybe a bite of the Christmas […]

  9. I actually quite enjoy pork pies but could never figure out what the horrid jelly stuff was that hung out between the pastry and the meat.
    And let’s not forget MARMITE!

  10. Oh my this is funny!

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