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President’s Day, Or Is It? I’m Confused.

Dateline: Third Monday in February S.F. Bay Area    President’s Day

In these allegedly “united” states of America, today marks the celebration of George Washington’s birthday, (even though today is the 15th and his date of birth was actually February 22nd.) And since we’re celebrating Washington’s day, why not throw in Lincoln’s birthday too, after all he was born on the 12th of this month. So why not kill two birds with one stone (sorry Abe).

Well that’s a bit confusing, because now instead of President’s Day it becomes “Presidents’ Day” because there are now two Presidents being celebrated. Okay, so Washington and Lincoln share a day. They are probably the only two Presidents the rest of the world has heard of from previous centuries, so that makes sense… unless of course you live in Alabama, in which case, Lincoln is not included in the Presidents’ Day celebration.  Instead, Thomas Jefferson is recognized alongside Washington, even though Jefferson’s birthday is April 13th. Those crazy Alabamians and their banjo adorned knees. As an outsider I can only conclude that Alabama still has misgivings about losing the Civil War, and not to mention that whole resisting the Abolition of Slavery thing. President Thomas Jefferson was a pro-abolitionist, but still owned over 600 slaves. A contradiction indeed. However more astoundingly he was reputed to be the father of some of his slaves’ children. Founding fathers indeed. It’s all so confusing.

In Massachusetts, any former President with roots in that fair state is celebrated on President’s Day.  John F. Kennedy, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and George Bush. Which is not to say that people in any state celebrate President’s Day in any specific manner, except for the closing of some stores, Post Offices, Government buildings, and banks. In New Mexico, however, they celebrate President’s Day the day after Thanksgiving (the traditionally biggest shopping day of the year) Obviously, banks and stores are open on their President’s Day. Now I’m really confused

At least some former elected officials get recognized in this country. In Great Britain there is no such thing as Prime Minister’s Day. We do however celebrate a holiday the day before Ash Wednesday. The day is known as Shrove Tuesday, or “Pancake Day” and this year, like people all over Britain, the Bay Area Brit will eat pancakes in celebration. The pancakes are not thick and fluffy like American pancakes but thin like crepes. And they’re not eaten at breakfast but at dinner.

I am sure that there is one thing that every state can agree on: On this long weekend, I call on every person in every state in this great land to show your patriotic duty and honor all the men that have led this country by eating a stack of pancakes of Presidential proportions.   

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  1. What if I want a jambon y formage crepe, Oui !!!

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